“The twitch” – an update

Well it has been approximately three days since I made the commitment to stop being a slave to the time-sucking device known as a smartphone. I was true to my promise and the only two times I picked up my phone other than to answer a call was to confirm a practice time for my son’s hockey and to check skate times with one of his trainers. No updating Facebook. No answering texts. No surfing aimlessly for the latest on the election in the USA.

Since Friday I have noticed the following:

  1. The world does not stop spinning when I do not reach for my phone involuntarily at frequent intervals during the day.
  2. I actually get way more accomplished due to the extra time I have thanks to the change in my habits related to smartphone use.
  3. I am way more present and aware of my surroundings. I found just sitting and watching is far more satisfying than having my face buried in my phone. I actually watched almost all of my son’s practices¬†and enjoyed doing so.
  4. I don’t miss the interaction (funny how we use the word interaction to describe how we “interact” with an inanimate object. I remember a time when the word “interact” was used to refer to how we related with people and not things) with my phone. It no longer has this hold on me and I feel richer for this fact.
  5. I felt lighter mentally (no jokes please. I am still a mental heavyweight. At least that is what I keep telling myself) and I found myself cracking jokes far more.

If you want to read more on this “addiction” which is taking over many people’s lives check out this article Please. It’s Just a Phone.Read These Crazy Smartphone Addiction Stats. The image below illustrates just one of the stats from the article.

always on bofa poll

Three days down and another 57 to go.


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