Letting Go – Day 4 coming soon!

Just in case anyone out there thinks I have given up the ghost on my challenge – think again.  I have still been working through simplifying my life by getting rid of “stuff” that does not add value to my life. I will admit to dealing with multiple drama episodes in my life which has kept me from sitting down and hammering out any updates but I promise, one is coming soon. 

Since my last post, I have tackled my medicine cabinet which was a bit of a jungle. I am also going through my kitchen and downsizing.

In the meantime I am reading up on Project 333. I think I can do this and will go through the process in the next couple of weeks. If you want to know more about Project 333 and think you might have what it takes click on the link.

Also, I just received my reading material for the next month (see below). These guys are my inspiration!!

I will leave you with these words of wisdom – “don’t let your possessions possess you”.


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