Letting Go – Day 1

I have been inspired to take action and become more aware of what I consume in my daily life. When we talk about “consumption” as a society we often think of what we put in our body. After I discovered The Minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus – I now understand that consumption relates to everything we purchase. Consumerism in North America has spun out of control. At least in my corner of the world I am going to try and stop the cycle. 

With this goal in mind I am going to take a 30-day challenge which will be two-fold:

  1. Remove at least one item per day from my own personal stash (given that Millburn and Nicodemus say there is evidence to suggest that the average household contains over 300,000 items I think I can spare 30 items in a month, give or take)
  2. Don’t purchase ANYTHING new that does not add value to my life (this will probably be the more challenging part).

So my journey begins. Below is an image of three items I dug out of the back of my closet which will be off to find a new home via a clothing donation service. Watch each day as I continue to free myself of stuff. Wish me luck!

Author: One Dad With A Blog

I am just a single dad navigating the often rough waters of fatherhood. I live and breathe for my children but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an opinion (or a sense of humour!)

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