A Brave New World (aka, my first blog post)!


Well this is it! After climbing that imaginary ladder to the top of the high dive tower and WP_20130311_005 (1)standing at the edge and looking down for what seems an eternity I am finally ready to jump in head first! I can’t believe it – my own blog! My mother always said I had an opinion about everything (mom was a farm girl from Saskatchewan and she was always fond of telling the story about how as a young child of about four that I debated her on the difference between “plowing” and “cultivating”) and now I have my own platform! I will work on the visuals over the coming months but it is the words on this blog that will always be the top priority.

I created this blog for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I love writing but I find that the busier life becomes the further removed I became from the opportunity to write. Ultimately, the figurative push off the tower came from my son with whom I discussed the idea of my own blog. I am not saying that I would not have begun this journey without him but the idea of following through on an idea became more important once my son was part of the discussion. My children are the most important part of my life and leading by example is a large piece of the very fibre of my existence.

To say that I have a definite plan about what I will write about and how often I will sit down to put my thoughts down in this blog would be untrue. Let’s just say that when the mood strikes me (and the time between hockey practices and synchro events allows) I will write about anything from politics to sports; from kids to religion (and everything in between).

If you enjoy any of my entries (whether you agree with my opinions or not) please drop me a line from time-to-time. After all, I have an opinion but I realize that everyone else has one as well.

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Author: One Dad With A Blog

I am just a single dad navigating the often rough waters of fatherhood. I live and breathe for my children but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an opinion (or a sense of humour!)

15 thoughts on “A Brave New World (aka, my first blog post)!”

  1. Great idea Andy. Great start, will look forward to reading your blogs. I love listening to your opinions about different topics. I remember going to Minden and listening to you and your 2 brothers along with your Mom having some heated discussions; your Dad being quiet would add is input in sometimes. I really miss those days, I never joined in just listened lol. Your sister-in-law Clara xo

    1. Thanks Anita!

      Once again, sorry to hear about your dad. He left an indelible impression on me many years ago. I am sure you have some great memories that will bring a smile to your face as time passes. Hold onto those memories.

  2. There was only one opinion that ever was correct or right in our discussions. Just remember that.

  3. I know that from time to time we will disagree on things. But hey, what are friends for but to argue with now and then. Woo Hoo it will be fun to read your blog Big Guy!!! 😀 :p

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