Family Court – Canada’s Dirty Little Secret

Full disclosure. I am involved in a sometimes bitter Family Court dispute which threatens mine and thus my children’s financial futures. During this process which began in 2012 (or 2013 depending on which party you believe) I have spent hours reading articles, blogs, judgements and studies from the bizarro world known as Family Court.

A big reason I have been absent from my blog is the mental and physical energy I have used to try and maintain a life for me and my children. My absence on One Dad With a Blog ends this weekend. In honour of Father’s Day and all the dads who are no longer with us because they saw no other alternative than taking their own lives I will be posting a comprehensive blog post on the family court system and why I call it “Canada’s Dirty Little Secret”.

As a precursor to the blog I have attached an article written by Donna Laframboise which opens the door just a crack to reveal the filthy underbelly of our family court system. For those of you who believe the popular narrative that the media sells that “deadbeat dads” are the issue I am not certain anything will convince you but if anything will the stories of the men in the link below may change your perceptions.

I am also certain my belief that the Family Court system regularly treats men and fathers as little more than wallets will offend the sensibilities of those who are with the political correct crowd (#believewomen?). Frankly, I don’t care. The evidence is there for all to see but nobody seems to care about men involved in an often unwinnable fight – whether it be for reduced support payments or access to their children.

Happy Father’s Day to all of these men – whether living or dead.

Deadbroke Dads