The politicization of our children

I’m baaaaaack!

After a short break I have a brand new topic. This comes after several instances of what I refer to as the politicization of our elementary classrooms. Teachers overtly and covertly are interjecting their own beliefs on “hot button” issues such as eating meat, the feminist agenda and why we should all bow at the political altar of the Liberal party. This is not going on just at the high school level (where it is still debatable how this often one-sided presentation of the “facts” can influence developing minds of 14-18 years of age) it is happening at ages as young as 7 or 8 (Grade 1 and 2). When did this change happen in our schools and why are parents sitting idly by and letting some politically motivated teachers indoctrinate our young children? The last straw for me was when my 11-year old son came home and said “my teacher says it is better to be a man than a woman because men get all the perks. Is that true dad?” After I picked my jaw off the floor and discussed the issue of gender equality with my son in a level and balanced way I realized I could grumble like most of us do or I could act. My action, a one-on-one meeting with administrators at the school. I will make the details of that meeting available here. Watch for my full blog post in the coming days.